2009 Information

The Event

A heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who helped in some way to contribute to the success of our first ever Dancing with the Lee County Stars fundraiser!  Even in a dismal economy, the community rallied around our event and managed to save CIS Lee County by raising over $58,000!

You may view photos of our event at WRAL here

Videos of the event are also available.  For those interested, please contact Curtis Brown at (919)774-6580.

Dancers and Stars From 2009

  • Cortney McCullough/Billy Liggett
  • Dana Atkins/Gregg Hamm
  • Scott Schaeffer/Jo (Josephine) Jarrett
  • Karla Koballa/Wing Man Tam
  • Kenneth Neilsen/Paige Cabe
  • Carolyn Schaeffer/Mike Neal
  • Janel Livingston/Tracy Carter
  • Dana Slate/Carl Bryan
  • Courtney Smith/Jeff Smith
  • Audrey Stone /Bill Stone
  • David Morse/Toni Davenport
  • John Mangum/Ellen Mangum
  • Matt LaSasso/Katherine Southard
  • Edwardo (Dwight) Hollingsworth /Joni Pavlik
  • Bud Hunter/Jan Stewart

Final Dancer Rankings for Dancing with the Lee County Stars 2009:

  1. Karla Koballa & Wing Man Tam
  2. David Morse & Toni Davenport*
  3. Dana Atkins & Gregg Hamm
  4. Dana Slate & Carl Bryan**
  5. Kenneth Neilson & Paige Cabe
  6. Cortney McCullough & Billy Liggett
  7. Janel Livingston & Tracy Carter
  8. Scott Schaeffer & Jo Jarrett
  9. Courtney Smith & Jeff Smith
  10. Bud Hunter & Jan Stewart
  11. John & Ellen Mangum
  12. Carolyn Schaeffer & Mike Neal
  13. Audrey & Bill Stone
  14. Joni Pavlik & Dwight Hollingsworth
  15. Matt LaSasso & Katherine Southard (Miss NC 2009)

*Received most votes/donations during the event

**Artistic Winners

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